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Say Goodbye To Sky-High Energy Bills!

Solar Powered Systems

We provide affordable solar power solutions for homeowners. Our mission is to provide our clients with an affordable solar energy option while providing Tier 1 panels and an excellent customer service experience.

We’ll help you determine how many solar panels you need to produce the energy your home requires, and help you monitor the production after installation to make sure your system is always performing at it's best.

You may think it’s too much work to switch to solar panels. However, if you make the switch, you can enjoy a lot of benefits, such as:

  • Reduced energy costs

  • Tax incentives 

  • Increased property value

  • Reduced carbon footprint

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Solar Tax Credit

The Federal Tax Credit allows you to claim a credit that's currently 30% of the total purchase price of your solar power system. 

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Why Good Choice Energy?

Our consultants are trained to put the homeowner's best interest first. Solar is not for everyone, that's why we we take every factor into consideration. Your current usage, shade on the roof, shape of the roof and sun exposure. We work with the highest level of integrity and will tell you if Solar is the best option for you. 

We only use Tier 1 panels which are the highest quality available in the market

Clean systems with no exposed conduit is our standard, as long as your house has attic space.

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